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Health Now provides real time insights into the direct health impacts of performance improvement initiatives.

My Health Now Manual

Your organization works hard to create an environment that is conducive to effective collaboration between your front line staff and the patients who entrust their care to you.  Many of you have begun to implement lean methedologies and laid the foundation for continuous improvement into the culture and DNA of your institutions.  

My Health Now Manual for patients and families is a clinically validated and scientifically studied series of self-directed exercises that engage patients directly in key clinical assessments during their stay in hospital.  Developed with the input of front line staff, administrators, and hundreds of patients these exercises form the basis for a participatory healthcare framework that fosters safe collaboration towards common goals.  

Part 1:  Getting to Know You

Part 2:  Participating in Your Treatment

Part 3: Going Home

The manual incorporates Health Now!'s patent pending system of incrementally measuring progress along identified dimensions (or goals), both for the patient, and the care team.  The outcome is a richer body of structured clinical data that is familiar and compatible with existing charting conventions.  

Make Us Part of Your Project

We are developing strategic partnerships with healthcare organizations interested in using My Health Now to engage with patients in the process of healthcare transformation.  

Custom Solutions

Contact us for a custom consultation or rendering of the product manual.  We can also adapt your existing protocols and order sets to use the Health Now! system and method for directly measuring health outcomes, giving you unprescedented insight into oportunities to serve patients better.  

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