My Health Now: Patient Engagement Study

Image of the poster presented at KGH Care Connect, May 9th-10th 2013.

During April 2013, Dr. Laith Bustani conducted a small heuristic prospective clinical randomized trial (target n=60) to explore what happens when patients are given the oportunity to chart along side the medical team.  

The preliminary results are being presented at the KGH Care Connect conference May 9th-10th 2013 in Kingston, Ontario.  You can download a copy of the poster in pdf format. 

The exercises form the basis of our 'My Heath Now Manual', available at:

We are working with Dr. Greg Richards, director of the Telfer IBM Center for Business Analytics and Performance to complete the data analysis.

We are seeking partnerships with patients, health professionals, and health organizations in preparation for a multi-center trial to validate the exercises as a clinical tool.

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