Your Privacy is Protected. All information that would let someone identify you or your family will be kept private. We will not share your personal information with anyone.

Health Now! and were conceived and engineered from the ground up to protect our members and partners security and privacy.  

Health Now! was founded and continues to be developed by Dr. Laith Bustani, a licensed physicain in Ontario, Canada who has over 10 years of experience protecting patient privacy.  Our server is located in Montreal, Canada and managed in a secure hosting facility by Openface internet, our premiere technology partner.  

At this stage, the only electronic means of receiving sensitive medical information is via a secure fax service that is fully PIPEDA and HIPPA compliant.  Contact us for details.

Until we completed testing on our forthcoming web services, we will not solicit your health information via email or unscheduled phone call.   If you ever receive such solicitations from someone claiming to be affiliated with us, please consider it a phishing scam and notify Dr. Bustani directly at (613) 701-0664.

While we respect that users may be comfortable emailing health details to us, we discourage this means of electronic transmission for health deatails unless using established encryption on a secured network.  We are exploring options for secure digital messaging that will serve this need.  We will update you shortly.

Our server does store data about visitors and browsing habits.  Our administrative and development team might access these to understand how to improve our services.  

We're still working on the full legal wording, if you have any questions, the easiest thing to do is contact us and ask us directly.  

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