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My Health Now Manual

When it comes to your health, your story contains most of the information health professionals depend on to get to the root cause of a given health challenge.   Our current health information systems have been designed primarily to store test results.  Health Now!'s mission is to help you gain confidence in understanding your health information and skill at communicating it efficiently to the various members of your health care team. 

Using the My Health Now manual helps you become the most accurate health information system available to your healthcare team members.  Less time on computers.  More time for you.  A pie chart demonstrating that 85% of the information required to diagnose and manage a health challenge comes from the history and physical.

Our first offering (My Health Now: KGH Care Connect Edition) is based on the clinically tested and scientifically verified exercises developed for patients admitted to hospital.

By purchasing this manual, you are helping fund our vision for a universal healthcare system where people are incentivized to work together to achieve the best mutual health outcome.

The manual comes with phone and email support and a 30 day money back guarantee.  

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By taking charge of your health information, and participating in setting and achieving personally meaningful health goals, you gain important insights that, when shared, can have real value to others.  

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Health Now! offers health coaching and custom health exercises on an hourly rate. Call to set-up an appointment at 613-701-0664 or email us via our contact form.

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